How I Cured My Food Allergies!


I know what it feels like to have food allergies.  I had food allergies, my husband had food allergies and all 5 of our children have suffered with food allergies. “Had” is the key word here.  We had food allergies but we don’t anymore.

When my oldest son was about 3 months old (early 1994) we noticed he had severe stomach problems.  His doctor told us that he was allergic to my milk and asked me to stop breastfeeding him.  I didn’t want to stop nursing so I called the nutritionist from my OB doctor’s office who suggested that I stop eating all dairy products.  When I mentioned this to my baby’s pediatrician he said that yes, this was an option but most moms don’t want to eliminate dairy. (?!!) I did and his stomach issues cleared up.  HOWEVER: My son had chronic ear infections and was on a lot of antibiotics from that moment on.  He weaned himself around 9 months and I couldn’t get him to nurse anymore after that because of these infections (which is why my two oldest are 19 months apart haha!) His pediatrician wanted us to try giving him milk every 6 weeks to see how he did.  He didn’t do well but the pediatrician really wanted him to drink cow’s milk so we kept trying off and on, unsuccessfully, until he was two.

When he was 2-years old, I noticed that he started getting a rash around his mouth when he ate.  He would also get red and swollen eyes, stomachaches/pain and dark circles under his eyes.  I would eliminate foods from his diet trying to figure out what he was allergic to but those symptoms would always come back no matter what I did.  He would also get extremely hyper after he ate and wouldn’t sleep well. His doctor said that they don’t do allergy tests until age 10 and recommended Benadryl and Ritalin for his symptoms.

I ended up taking him to a homeopathic doctor who tested him – and he tested positive for a lot of food allergies.  He didn’t test him for gluten though because gluten allergy wasn’t a thing yet and he had no way of testing it (at the time, I hadn’t heard of a gluten allergy). It took me many years to discover that gluten was also a huge allergy for him. Once I cut gluten out of his diet at age 7, this made a big difference with his symptoms.  I had 4 more children and they ALL had food allergies! Gluten, dairy, corn, soy, nuts, berries, sugar and more. It was so hard and although they did better staying away from the trigger foods, they were never completely symptom free.

I even tried eliminating the foods from my diet when I breastfed them and exclusively breastfed for their first year. None of that helped to prevent food allergies.  They all got them, but they were all healthier and the ear infections stopped! So while this didn’t prevent food allergies, it helped have healthier, happier kiddos!

In 2009, I discovered that we can get rid of food allergies with acupuncture. We all had the treatment to have our food allergies cleared and our lives haven’t been the same!  YIPPEE!!  I also learned how to prevent food allergies.

Here are 4 steps:


Food allergy symptoms can vary person to person and a person can even have a different reaction each time.  A reaction can start within minutes of eating the trigger food, to 2-hours and even 6-12 hours after eating the food.  Food allergy symptoms can include:

~Itching and hives

~Swollen eyes & dark circles under eyes

~Hyper-activity in children



~Stomach-aches, nausea, vomiting,



~Frequent infections

~Shortness in breath


~Hoarse, tight throat; difficulty swallowing



~And more…

If you suspect food allergies, it’s important to stay away from the food causing the allergies.


There are many ways to get tested for food allergies.  Our family got tested through our homeopathic doctor and our natural path.  We like doing the muscle testing because for us, it’s the most accurate (and it’s safe).  There are many ways to test for food allergies:

~Blood testing (unfortunately, not always accurate)

~Skin testing

~Muscle testing


Talk to your doctor to see what the best treatment is for your situation. Our family was cleared with acupuncture through our natural path.  I actually discovered this by accident.  I went to my chiropractor (who is also a natural path) for a really bad neck-ache.  Because I was a new patient, he did a full medical history and exam and did an allergy test along with fixing my neck.  I tested extremely allergic to most of the foods I was eating.  I was shocked to learn that he could clear it with acupuncture and I was skeptical, to say the least.  I went back to get re-tested because I was afraid to try the foods, especially peanuts.  In fact, I was very hesitant to try peanuts, since that reaction was so severe, and went back twice to make sure I didn’t test allergic. I’ve been eating peanuts and other foods since and I’ve been fine!

FOOD ALLERGIES WERE UNCOMMON: When we first found out that our kids had food allergies back in the 90s, most people never heard of food allergies before.  We were a rare bunch back then and it felt like we were the only ones with food allergies.  Now that food allergies are more common, hearing that we had them cleared with acupuncture seems to be rare.  Hopefully, sharing my story will help many people be able to overcome their food allergies!


Digestive enzymes, acidophilus and papaya tablets can help to prevent food allergies (and can help with symptoms) along with having countless other health benefits.  We take them with each meal, whenever possible because we’ve had food allergies, we’ve had absorption problems causing vitamin deficiencies and these supplements also help our diabetic son (T1D) manage his blood sugar.  The digestive enzymes and acidophilus, we get from Melaleuca and the papaya tablets, we get from our local Sprouts store.

I hope this information helps you know what doctor to go to and what questions to ask.  If you would like more information about the doctor we went to you can visit his website here.  It’s worth looking into.

Here’s to a healthy 2017

Please share your story and feel free to ask me any questions.  If you like what you read, please share this post with others.

Thank you!


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