The Time I Gave Up Social Media For Lent~Part 2

I gave up all social media for Lent so I can focus on my relationship with God and my family as well as make some remarkable changes in my life.

Read about it here

As you may recall, I wrote out my thoughts and priorities so I can keep track of the changes I wanted to make and the things I wanted to concentrate on.

The Time I Gave Up Social Media For Lent (Click Here to Read!)

Here goes:  MY RESULTS

Priority #1 ~ God

Spend time seeking God and knowing Him better.  My relationship with God has been a priority since forever but I wanted to take it a step deeper during Lent.

Life gets busy and hectic and my focus sometimes gets blurred.  So I wanted my emphasis to be on Jesus Christ.  Since I felt a strong leading to change some things in my life, mainly strengthening my walk with the Lord, it seems like that was when turmoil decided to abound the most in my life.  Major issues significant enough to derail me.  It was the classic case of Murphy’s Law or “don’t get too comfortable and rely on your own strength” ~ which ever the case may be.

While my world seemed to crumble around me,  I battled with keeping my eyes on the Lord.  I almost quit writing.  I wanted to quit a lot of things. But I figured that expecting life to be roses and rainbows as a requirement for writing blogs was a bit unrealistic.

So here I am ~ surviving another day and telling about it.  I thought about giving up on these goals but I imagined that “giving up” and not trying to make these changes in my life would prove disappointing.  So I kept at it.  I also considered this to be a growing and strengthening process that I needed to go through so there will be exceptional changes in my life that draw me closer to God in the process.

I can’t control life but I can TRUST THE ONE WHO DOES!  

And that’s exactly what I did.

  1.  I read my bible every day.
  2.  I meditated on His Word.
  3.  I prayed without ceasing.
  4.  At night I would recite every verse I could remember.

Priority #2 ~ Study Habits

I wanted plenty of time to study and create homeschool curriculum.  This was entertaining for me to do and I was successful.  I was able to study what my children were going to learn, make curriculum, study guides, and  I enjoyed spending time with and teaching our children.  This isn’t something “new” I wanted to do because this is my life.  My responsibility.  What I’ve been doing for more than 18 years already.  But I don’t like feeling rushed.  I want to make sure I continue to be consistent in making plenty of time for this important and fun job.

Priority #3 ~ Healthy Attitudes

This was a little trickier.  We found ourselves tackling some attitude problems with a couple of our youngsters.  This frazzled me more than anything else but we had important break throughs with all situations and children involved.  The issues we faced were unrelated to each other but were serious and needed attention.  Thankfully, we were able to battle through with prayer, consistency and pure diligence, and we found success.  Moving a bedtime earlier…much earlier, really helped in one situation and just being there and caring over and over again, helped too.  WHEW!  The one thing that made the biggest difference than anything we could possibly do was to make sure we had a positive attitude ourselves.  As parents, we needed to show love and patience along with diligence and faithfulness.  Practice makes patience.  And practice patience, we did ~ with God’s help.  God used this situation to change me.  And I’m so glad He did.

Priority #4 ~ T1D

This is an ongoing commitment to the life and health of our youngest.  If you know someone with Type 1 Diabetes, you know the constant effort it takes to manage the blood sugar.  I write a little about it in two of my blogs:

The Time I Gave Up Social Media For Lent and How To Be A Perfect Mom

Priority #5 ~ Losing weight

The Whole30 Diet.  I write about it in my blogs titled:

4 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Life and The Time I Gave Up Social Media For Lent.

Although I completed the diet successfully and lost 25 pounds, it was a bit more of a distraction than what I needed during this time.  I’m glad I did it ~ as I learned that I can keep the weight off and stay healthy by making good choices everyday.  I have a lot of good eating habits but the bad habits that I also have seem to lead to my increase in weight each year.

Priority #6 ~ Declutter

This is a really big deal for me.  You can read my story in my previous blog.  I took the plunge and radically got rid of a lot of my clutter.  This was an extraordinary change for me because I have spent most of my life extremely attached to my stuff.  I finally got sick of constantly cleaning and never having a clean house.  I was also fed up with not ever being able to find anything.  I have so much more important things to do than to spend my days cleaning and looking for things.  I tackled this pretty quickly and purged my entire house in about two weeks time.  Just in time for the storm of the year to hit our household.  It helped me to be able to focus on the problems that surfaced without losing control of our household chores.  I could neglect my cleaning duties and still have a clean house. And I’ve been smacking my head ever since.

I started with under my bathroom sink to get used to the idea of removing stuff from our house.  I figured that it shouldn’t be too traumatic for me since I’m not attached to anything under my bathroom sink.  Then I tackled my hot spots on my counters, dressers, and desk.  After this I went from room to room and worked quickly to clean out our desk drawers, cupboards, and any other drawer we have in our living room and kitchen. The kids worked on their own rooms and I pretty much let them do their own thing.  They’re not the “hoarders” in our home ~ that would be me ~ so I let them do what they wanted.

The last thing I did was purge our closet, our dressers and under our bed. This is where I store all of our school books and all of our other important stuff.  Books that I’ve bought and collected over the last 18+ years of homeschooling.  I was brutal and relentless but since I already did everything else in the house, I had momentum and did a great job (if I don’t say so myself haha!)  I was so proud that I even got rid of school books that I know I won’t be using again.  I made a huge dent and our room and closet look amazing.  And we have zero school books under the bed.  I won’t throw myself under the bus to tell you what under the bed looked like but there’s nothing there now!

2 things:



Sorry about the yelling.  This was the best thing I’ve done by far!  It’s so worth it.  And it only took me 2 weeks (10 hours.)  I kept moving, gained momentum and made it a priority.  I was determined to get this done and it paid off.  It keeps paying off.

Conclusion ~

I have to admit that this was a bit much to take on all at once.  I got rid of some distractions only to replace them with others.  These were very important areas for me to change and I’m glad that I did them ~ but still distracting.  We had a few mishaps that threatened our home that were unexpected ~ stuff that I didn’t mention at all here.  Things that are considered high stress and that I would consider attacks on our family.  It’s like everything hit all at once.  Keeping my focus on God and purging and cleaning my house before any of these things hit really helped so so so much!  Losing 25 pounds didn’t hurt my feelings either.

It was incredible for me to make hard changes so quickly.  One thing I haven’t talked about that has drastically changed me was taking a break from all social media.  During this time, my blogs were a little more passionate than I had planned so I ended up posting them on all my social media sites even though I originally wasn’t going to do this.  But I was able to do so without wasting time ~ mostly.

WHAT I LEARNED:  I learned that social media isn’t important in my life *GASP* (Did I just say that out loud?!)  Without even realizing it ~ I had Facebook as a significant part of my life which was taking away from the best part of my life ~ God and my family!

My priority is my family and nothing should take me away from them.  I’m not shaming Facebook or social media, or even going to quit these things completely ~ all I’m saying is that in my life, I stepped away for a time, and decided to be more intentional with how I spend my time online.  I realize that I get too distracted too often to make social media a priority.

So long, Distractions!

Read part one of this blog:  The Time I Gave Up Social Media For Lent

Thank you so much for walking this journey with me.  It’s not what I was expecting but I’m glad I did it.  Please share your story.  I’d love to hear from you.

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