~ Creating a Homeschool Schedule ~

It’s that time of year and school is starting.  YAY!  I thought I’d put together a list of ideas to help with scheduling.

As homeschooling moms, we have to be a homemaker AND teacher.  Some moms may even work in or outside the home, also.

Our lives are full which is why having a schedule is a must for creating order and peace.

Every family’s routine will look different but we have the freedom to customize our calendar according to our own needs and desires.

Here are some ideas to take the guess work out of creating a schedule.

~  Have homeschooling goals for the year mapped out

If not for the year, do it for the semester or even the month.  I like to have my subjects, classes, books, and workbooks written out for the semester/year and I make lists so I can check off their assignments each day on my clip board.  

Some people have a calendar for their schoolwork or they use a curriculum package that does it all for them. It’s all good!  Do what works for you. 


I figure out when I want to finish a class or book and divide it among the days I have scheduled for that particular subject etc.  While there is always flexibility to adjust, it helps to organize and plan ahead.

~ How many hours a day & how many days a week

Take into consideration the homeschool requirements of your state, work schedules, baby and toddler needs, how old your children are etc.  Figure out what works for you and block out sections of your day that are dedicated to doing school only ~ AND STICK WITH IT!

 ~ Schedule a free day once a week or once a month

Every Friday, we have a lighter load for school work.  This is the time when we go to the library or the park and have more of a relaxing school schedule.  This is also the one day when they do all their work independently without my help.

If there is a subject we do one-on-one or as a family, we take a break on Friday and they only work on the things they can do on their own.

Our high schoolers will pick and choose what school they do on Fridays.  This is what we do ~ but your free day can look anyway you want.

~ Start first thing in the morning

I always like to tackle school first and early.  Everyone is more awake and alert and we always get more momentum.

We get up, get dressed, eat breakfast first thing as if we’re headed out the door.  We do all of this before we start school.

Two days a week we have devotions as a family first after breakfast.

Then I start with the youngest while the older ones do their independent work and then I work with the other two.  Our youngest is already 7 so my homeschooling with a baby or toddler days are over.  But when I had a baby or toddler, I had more to consider.

Usually, the younger they are, the less time it takes to help them with school.  The older they are, the more school they have but they also do more work independently.

~ Independent work

All of our children do independent work no matter how old they are.  This is pretty self explanatory.  I give assignments tailored to their needs and personality that they work on by themselves.  The older they are, the more they do on their own.

~ Keep it interesting

Change things up so that it doesn’t get boring.  Have them explore things that interest them and learn about it.  One of our children loved coding and learned to make video games and videos.

~ Be flexible

Sometimes I change our schedule or our curriculum to fit the needs of our family.  If there is a struggle with a subject, the pace is too fast or too slow, or a need comes up whether it’s educational or something else, I make adjustments.  This is pretty obvious but sometimes the temptation to be rigid is strong especially if you’re on a roll.  Be flexible.  Listen to the Holy Spirit.

 The LORD says ~ “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.  I will advise you and watch over you.”  Psalm 32:8

Having year-round school based on my husband’s work schedule has worked for us for over 18 years.  We have 3 long heavy days with a lot of instruction, a half day, and then of course, as I mentioned before, our “Free Day Friday.”

And naturally, we have breaks and vacations periodically throughout the year, as well.

Our high schoolers have their own schedule and do most of their work independently.  My main role with our older children is lesson planning, grading, record keeping and accountability.  I still do some one-on-one for math or explaining assignments but for the most part, our teens establish their own routine.

I have a lot of homeschooling ideas in my blogs ~ Kindergarten is the HARDEST! (Part 1) and (Part 2)

Kindergarten is the HARDEST! (Part 2) is filled with A LOT of fun activities and school ideas that will promote fun and successful learning for years to come.

~  Have homeschooling goals for the year mapped out
~ Figure out how many hours a day & how many days a week you want to work on school work
 ~ Schedule a free day once a week or once a month
~ Start first thing in the morning
~ Schedule independent work no matter their age
~ Keep it interesting
~ Be flexible

Writing out your goals, wants, wishes, ideas, classes, and schedule, is so beneficial and helps with lesson plans and record keeping.


Your lesson plans and record keeping can be one and the same.  Then you’re killing two birds with one stone.

If you are new to homeschooling and you’re feeling overwhelmed, start slow and small.  Do a couple things at first and then increase the workload.

DON’T FORGET: I have a lot of homeschooling ideas on my blog ~ Kindergarten is the HARDEST! (Part 2).  CHECK IT OUT!

Let me know what your homeschool schedule looks like.  Do you have any ideas or tips you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear from you.


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